• The Inspiration of Jake French

    Jake French is a dynamic young speaker who is a living example of what is possible. Audiences are immediately engaged by his “to the point” examples and leave with a new set of tools to make a positive difference in their life. Jake abused alcohol, became a victim of bullying, and now spends every day in a wheelchair. He has a deep passion to show middle/high school and college students how a one second decision can change every second for the rest of your life. On the business side, whether on a huge stage at a conference or in your meeting room, Jake can make an enormous impact and practically remove the words “can’t do” from the audience’s vocabulary.

    In 2008 Jake was on top of the world as a new college graduate and working as a forester in Oregon when a devastating accident happened. In an instant life was turned upside down after a spinal cord injury left him a quadriplegic. The awful thought of a stereotypical life in a wheelchair seemed like giving up. Life happened, and instantly he was thrown into a pity pit so deep there seemed to be no way out. It took a life-altering event for Jake to realize the importance of focus, attitude, and choice.

    Today, he is a well-known, sought-after inspirational speaker and author of “Life Happens. Live It!” Jake is a 26-year-old who travels the country with a new dream. He says, “People learn through experience and emotions. Three years ago my disability was a crushing anchor in my life. I love to take audience members on the roller coaster ride of emotions it takes to succeed over the enormous hurdles in my life, hoping I can inspire them to overcome their own personal negative anchors.” Jake’s wheelchair will seem to disappear as the participants come to realize it is not a limitation for him. In fact, nothing is a limitation for Jake. Even with a serious topic, Jake’s humor and vulnerability will endear audiences to him and create a lasting inspirational experience.

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  • Business


    I want to help make your event a success! Immediately the audience will make a connection between the extraordinary challenges I have faced and the anchors in their own lives. The FACTS is my formula for success that will forever change the way you view and react to problems. Let’s rock your conference with a message that is so compelling, it brings a spark to every audience that ignites emotion, demands change, and earns standing ovations.

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  • Schools


    It’s time to “Step Up Student Success.” Bad choices nearly killed me, and now I live every day in a wheelchair. I want to help students take on the challenges that are pulling them down, teach them the skills to overcome obstacles they face, and ultimately, achieve academic and personal success. An empowered student will discover every challenge brings a choice, and the positive change will rapidly become contagious throughout your school!

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    • Jake French captivates his audience with his passion for life and helping others. He reminds people that life happens - and it is how you react to what happens that creates your happiness and subsequent success.

      Cathy Mills, President of Axium

    • He was more than 100% of what I had hoped for. His message combined with humor, got right to the student’s hearts. I think he changed several lives today and would recommend him 100%!

      Sister Linda Patrick, Assistant Principal at St. Mary’s Academy

    • Jake is a very impressive young man with a constitution of faith, intelligence, and ability to look beyond constraints and provide positive solutions to whatever is placed in front of you. He genuinely lives every day in a positive frame of mind and has a tremendous amount to offer.

      Catherine Mater, Head OSU Advisory Council College of Forestry

    • Jake French is the best inspirational speaker I have ever heard! He actually did make me cry, because it really touched me. With his positive attitude he helps so many people and I feel honored to have met him. It’s really awesome!

      Deserae, High school student at ICUA Youth Rally