Motivational Keynote Speaker Jake French’s presentation’s are crafted to give audience members what they want. REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS, STRATEGIES THAT WORK, MOVING STORIES, and LAUGH OUT LOUD FUN. Ideal for conferences, associations, staff development, annual meetings, and special events. Click on any keynote topic below to learn more.

Keynote Topics

  • Healthcare Innovative Strategies to Improve Patient Experience
  • Motivation Life Happens. Live It!
  • Leadership Igniting The Spark That Moves Everyone Forward
  • Youth Jake’s Story
  • Youth Live Happens. Live It!
  • Youth Hands Off – Brains On
  • Youth Become the Spark That Moves Everyone Forward
  • Youth One Second can Change Every Second For the Rest of Your Life

When you are ready to deliver empowered, results-proven tools to your team or audience with a message that comes straight from the heart, and is delivered with humor and experience, invite motivational keynote speaker Jake French to share his stories.  From resilience and triumph, to overcoming adversities and finding out just what you’re made of — Jake will have your group on the edge of their seats, on their feet, and ready to make positive Can-Do choices in their lives and careers.

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