Ever wonder how some people can go through almost unthinkable challenges personally or professionally, and still come out on top? While others get derailed by the little bumps in the road? Jake shares the tools, mindsets, and strategies needed to turn adversity into opportunity, steer clear of burn-out or self-doubt, and create the kind of focus that can take your life and career as high as you want to go! Everyone — from new employee to seasoned pro will find inspiration, motivation, and limitation conquering courage from this timely and compelling keynote.

Based on his award winning book, “Life Happens. Live It!”  Motivational Speaker Jake French demonstrates how to:

  • Positively ACT on, rather than REACT to, life’s curve balls—personally and professionally
  • Identify negative thinking and turn it into positive power
  • Keep your eye on the doughnut, not on the hole with strategic, targeted focus
  • Find the opportunities in CHANGE
  • Become more RESILIENT than any challenge that happens to you

This keynote is a power-packed hit with associations and professional groups at conferences, staff meetings, and special events. There’s a reason why audience members swarm Jake each time he rolls off the platform. With gripping stories, uplifting solutions, fun humorous twists, and the gift of valuable perspective, audiences quickly put themselves into each story, and feel strong enough to claim victory over their own challenges. They’ll walk away inspired, changed, and ready to leave excuses behind. Why? They GET that 99% of the reasons we create in our minds why something can’t be done will be taken away by a young man who lives every day in a rolling excuse, but refuses to use it.

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The most personalized message I’ve ever seen. He addressed our group perfectly!

Jeff Davis

General Manager, Wasco Electric Co-op