Need a Speaker Who Will Inspire Your Team to Make Connections that Count so they can Improve Patient Experience?

Then You Need Jake French!

In the PAST this aspiration was nice to have, but TODAY it’s a MUST HAVE that directly affects your BOTTOM LINE!

Healthcare teams are already working incredibly hard to provide a good patient experience, and demanding even more often doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for.

What if we:

  • Learned no-cost strategies that help you innovate so you can meet your patient experience improvement goals?
  • Discovered engaging actions you can take to form stronger connections with patients that don’t require extra time?
  • Heard directly from the consumer of your products what you could easily do to increase their satisfaction?

If you’re ready to light the fire under your team that inspires them to provide an OUTSANDING PATIENT EXPERIENCE, then it’s time to check out Jake French! As a young man on top of the world with a new college degree and dream job as a forester, Jake French’s life was suddenly turned upside down by a devastating spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic. A published author, Jake has firsthand experience in what needs to happen to keep organizations and employees moving forward when trying to find ways to succeed over new challenges. He’s worked with a huge variety of medical professionals in his journey to regain independence, and has gained extremely valuable insight into what providers can do to create a positive experience from the PATIENT’S PERSPECTIVE. Today he rocks the stage, compelling audiences to laugh as they learn, and think creatively about no-cost strategies to innovate in your quest to improve patient experience.

Ready to inspire and empower YOUR next audience? Invite Motivational Speaker Jake French to speak at your next event today.

Keynote and Workshop Topic Descriptions

The audience evaluations were 100 percent positive, extolling not only his valuable message, but his humorous and heartfelt delivery. Jake makes it a point to understand the audience so that the presentation is relevant and applies directly to you audience. He has my most sincere recommendation! Marilyn Trinkle

Event Planner, Silverton Health