To lead effectively in today’s world? Takes empowered thinking. Extraordinary communication skills. Innovative insights and the ability to create COOPERATION and TEAMWORK within organizations. Motivational Leadership Speaker Jake French shares the strategies and mindsets leadership teams need to break through conventional boundaries and habits to create a culture where creativity, passion, integrity, and productivity are fueled daily. For companies eager to leap past their competition and create long-term customer and team member loyalty? That’s a winning combination!

In this inspired presentation, Jake shows how you can:

  • Create an open, collaborative environment that promotes communication
  • Develop a culture rich in idea sharing, fresh thinking, and trust
  • Identify the most effective ways to move people today
  • Increase buy-in from coworkers and clients with strategic transmission of energy and ideas

Ready to take your leadership to a new level of influence? The kind where common goals, diverse input, creative thinking, and a sense of teamwork positions your organization as a standout that dares to think differently about what management can be. Jake’s heroic journey will inspire you to take a fresh look at how you adapt to challenges and extract what can be accomplished, rather than what stands in the way.

Leadership Without Limits is about developing a common possibility focused mentality that pulls out the BEST from each team member. For groups who are bold enough to shake up business as usual? Like Jake French, you will make progress others deemed impossible, and be rewarded with a level of influence that can push your organization far beyond the perceived limits of today’s working world!

Invite Motivational Leadership Speaker Jake French to fire up your next audience with this momentum-producing keynote!

I’m so happy Jake French was referred to us! He helped us accomplish our goals of creating a positive atmosphere, engaged with our people, and internalize just how significant our work has been over the last year. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next set of challenges. I was impressed that he made the effort to understand our business, and 100% recommend him.

Chris Hanlon-Meyer

Forest Practices Division Manager , Washington State Department of Natural Resources